Branding, May 2018

Arabia Is an Egyptian company established in 2005, it is specialized in the manufacture of clothing in many fields and disciplines, they came to us looking for rebranding so we had to ask about many things to help us make a new stable identity for this brand, we knew that they target all institutions as they make uniforms for most of jobs in Egypt, it was c challenge to come up an identity knowing the target audience is different this time. So we did it our job the client was satisfied with it and we also did a photo-shoot for most of the uniforms he make to make a professional catalogue.


Arabia Branding


Arabia Full Stationary Admepro
Arabia Logo

The process of implementation of the logo was not easy, we brainstormed until we reached this design, we were inspired by the sewing equipment some of the forms that resulted in this design and we have chosen the modern style to give the required spirit we wanted, even in the choice of colors we chose Colors that indicate elegance to help this design to shine and come to life.