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World Cup with Sayed Hanafy

The black horse & the market race

A Successful collaboration and a long rooted partnership, Sayed hanafy and Admepro have been collaborating since 2016 ; with a growing record of a successful digital positioning and transformation campaigns to accolade the black horse title in the market race.

Sayed hanafy is known for their delicious authentic flavoured koshary (egyptian street food) uplifted and modernly presented. first found in the year 1951; Sayed hanafy wanted to reposition their heritage in the egyptian market.

The video campaign was astoundingly a hit, reaching more than 2.5 million viewers on facebook, 500 thousands on instagram and +750 youtube viewers.moreover, Sayed hanafy African cub video ad was noticed by the field professionals; to be mentioned by think marketing magazine and accommodate the black horse title in the market.

Client: Sayed Hanafy
Date: 2019
Category: Video production
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